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Catering Services in Dromana

Contact STELLA'S DROMANA HOTEL to plan your weddings, engagement, birthdays or other social gatherings.

We offer all-inclusive services, including venue hire and catering.

Complete Catering Services

STELLA'S DROMANA HOTEL offers all-inclusive services for social gatherings in our glass roof Atrium or Broadwalk Café. Our staff will set the room to accommodate your guests and take care of service, while our chefs arrange the style of menu best suited for your personalised needs.

Well acquainted with the beautiful fresh produce of the region, our chefs prepare stunning dishes to highlight your special evening and impress your guests.

« Our chefs arrange the style of menu best suited to you »

Catering - Dromana, VIC
Catering - Safety Beach

A La Carte and Buffet Style Menus

Nestled between thousands of kilometres of beaches and rolling hills on the other, STELLA'S DROMANA HOTEL is ideally located in a region where a variety of seafood and fresh produce is easily accessible.

Our chefs use the local produce and showcase it within the menu they create for special events. Contact us to plan your wedding, engagement or birthday celebration in an impressive setting.

« Our chefs use local produce and showcase it within the menu they create for your special events »

Why Choose Us for Your Catering?

  • Two separate venues within the hotel
  • Uses fresh produce for all our dishes
  • Ideal location for your events
  • All-inclusive services
  • Friendly and professional staff

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