151 Point Nepean Rd, Dromana QC 3936 (03) 5987 1922

History of Dromana Hotel

The Dromana hotel is believed to have been built in 1857 by Richard Watkin. The township of Dromana was on the other side of McHulloch street. By 1863 Watkin had competition provided by Wiliam Dixon Scurfield who was running a 9 room hotel between Permien and Foote street.

During The Scurfield Tenure, it was called the Scurfield Hotel and they changed the name to the Aurturs Seat Hotel. Most probably to attract visitors brought to Dromana by the steam boats. That Hotel burnt down in 1898. By 1896 Lawrence Murphy was running the Dromana hotel and did so until 1910. During which time he helped establish the Catholic church in the area.

George S Edwrads took over from then until 1914 when Lou Carrigg occupied the hotel and 17 acres. Within a year, Lou had acquired another 10 acres of the area surrounding the hotel..

The land behind the hotel had been a racetrack and football ground for some time. In 1923 the racetrack was closed as there were two racetracks in Dromana and the track on the site of the secondary college was to be used instead. The Carrigg Hotel was extended using Dromana Granite and re-opened on 10th October 1926 as the foundation stone certifies. Lou Carrigg paid for the alterations with the proceeds from the sale of the racecourse land.

The great John Coleman owned the hotel for some time until his passing in 1973.

The Stella Family purchased the hotel in 1986 and they are still the proud owners today.

 History of Dromana Hotel